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A1 Bitcoin Consulting assists people enter into the world of cryptocurrency; Buying Bitcoin, Bitcoin lending and Bitcoin trading


Learn the benefits and get involved with cryptocurrency

Learn the benefits and get involved with cryptocurrency

Block Chain

Cutting-edge database created for freedom from big banking

block chain


An advanced database network that is distributed across many machines that are working together to keep accurate record of peers' transactions in a triple-entry-ledger style manor with the capability of functioning as a valuable, new tool for several industries.  The original concept of Block chain technology was developed for use in the financial market.  Specifically, it was designed to disrupt the financial systems that are in power and deliver a much more efficient and honest solution. 

Peer to Peer Transaction

Peer to Peer

Send money directly to anybody in the world; immediately, privately, without any middle man or monitor, without limitations and without any foreign exchange rates.  Online wallets, software wallets and hardware wallets are available for anybody to receive, store and send tokens.  The sender pays small, variable fees for each settlement, which help sustain the costs of the network and are somewhat beneficial to security by producing bits of entropy.



The block chain must be self-sustained by use of hash-function algorithms to prove data on the block network.  There is an amazing amount of time, energy and processing power spent in keeping up the crypto-marketplace.  This collective effort is referred to as mining.  Miners work around the world and around the clock to keep the block chain functional.  Rewards are paid to those who succeed in proving Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.  New developments and improvements are published incessantly.  Mining may be the most innovative area in the entire industry.

bitcoin network

Crypto | Currency



Freedom from big banking and government

Cryptocurrency coins, or tokens, are unlike any other unit of account or currency.  Most crypto is distributed at a predictable and an ever-increasingly more difficult rate, but there are no rules or polices regarding this.  In the past, some alternate tokens have been distributed for free over time or even all at once.  In any case, cryptocurrencies have a finite supply and with increasing demands, their value is very scalable.  The value of a The United States dollar is no longer backed by gold or silver.  One could speculate that USD is only backed by freshly minted bills and our national GDP, which is very disconcerting.  Foreign currencies may be backed by nothing and yet retain their worth because of supply and demand principles and peoples' perceptions of monetary values.

Cryptocurrency networks majorly use peer to peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks.  Managing executed transactions, updating account balances and the issuing of new coins is carried out collectively by the network.  New block chains are developed and have their currency listed on exchanges for trading every day. Coins are also capable of being delisted from exchanges if they are underwhelming or neglected.  The architecture of the original Bitcoin network is public and was engineered for easy enhancements, copying, re-purposing and redistribution - offering countless new purposes, direction and societal involvement. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency.

Innovation, technology and community drive cryptocurrency .


Alternative Tokens

Altcoins, for short, are forms of cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. For example, consider Ripple, Litecoin, Ether, Regal, Cardano and GByte. A true alternative cryptocurrency will have its own intentions, supply source, roadmap and functions. Support for an independent cyrptocurrency is built from it contributing community and followers. The community either decides to support the new coin and it succeeds, or they do not support the new coin and it goes nowhere.



Market Volatility

Due to the novel nature of this entirely new market, the limited total (and circulating) supplies of each token and the increasing global demand, the value of digital currency is extremely fluid - it will rise and fall over short periods of time.  As large as the market cap appears now, it is still a relatively small benchmark compared to what it could be in five, ten or fifty years.

The original appeal to Bitcoin was the anonymity it offers to those trading with it.  Your identity is safe so long as you practice smart trading habits.  No middle man or network admin exist and nobody is ever trusted with private network data.  Goodbye big, monitoring brother.

Enhanced Privacy

Market Growth


In 2017, Bitcoin soared over 1800% according to most charts.  Retail giants, online gambling venues, app-stores, gaming marketplaces, financial institutions, insurance agencies, real estate brokers and other critical industries are being disrupted and forced to integrate with the new, revolutionary cryptocurrency.

Secure your cryptocurrency in a wallet that you own and nobody else can access or even monitor.  With possession of your assets and virtually no buying / spending / trading  limitations, the sky is the limit.  Assume control over your newly gifted financial power responsibly.


Rapid Exchanges

Buy Bitcoin to trade with other profitable cryptocurrency.  Purchase tokens of new ICO's the moment they are listed.  Liquidate a portfolio anytime.  Configure API to handle your margins and set auto stop-limit buy/sells.

Quick Transactions

Send money to any wallet address, anywhere, anytime and it will be received in 6 block confirmations, approximately 60 seconds to 60 minutes, on average.  There are times when the traffic is heavy on the network and delays are presented. Nevertheless, without any volume limitations per transaction or even per day or week or month, this is an impressive achievement for block chain tech.