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A1 Bitcoin Consulting assists people enter into the world of cryptocurrency; Buying Bitcoin, Bitcoin lending and Bitcoin trading


About Trading

Trading of Cryptocurrency and Altcoins for USD and Foreign Exchange currency


Trading Cryptocurrency

Many platforms are available for trading  with cryptocurrencies.

All cryptocurrency is sourced, valued, distributed, mined, traded, supplied and demanded at individual rates. There is a connection that can be drawn between the overall popularity of cryptocurrency and the rise in volume witnessed across the entire board. Beyond obvious peaking interest globally, only speculation and educated hypothesis could help predetermine tomorrow's value of this coin vs that coin. Thousands of different tokens exist, each with their own fluid market. Add new ICO's and pre-ICO's taking place every hour. Minus the tokens that crash. There will likely be some consoladation in the future. Large profits can be derived from wise trading practices, patience and, of course, a bit of starting capital.  

Please understand the risks of Trading with cryptocurrency securities ("coins", or "tokens"). Exchanging with cryptocurrency tokens is much like rapidly trading investment holdings in different companies. Buying and selling crypto can prove to be hazardous once expectations are not met. Participate and utilize online trading platforms cautiously. Cryptocurrency is insured by no government or bank or insurance company. There is virtually no recourse to be taken if the value of a digital currency collapses, or if your coin is lost or stolen.