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A1 Bitcoin Consulting assists people enter into the world of cryptocurrency; Buying Bitcoin, Bitcoin lending and Bitcoin trading

About Lending Cryptocurrency

Earn profit daily from lending cryptocurrency


Lending Cryptocurrency

Companies pay investors well for lending  sums of money.

Please understand the risks of lending  to and investing in companies which exist solely online. No online based company is incapable of performing an exit scam. Investing in a terrible business model can prove to be equally as hazardous. Participate and utilize online lending and investing platforms cautiously. Cryptocurrency is insured by no government or bank or insurance company. There is virtually no recourse to be taken if digital currency is lost or stolen. 

Investment programs offering remarkably high return on investments are likely terrible schemes. These high-yielding interest program, or HYIP, are very risky to invest in as they are likely unsustainable Ponzi Schemes. Historically, Laser.Online offered 12% per day for 12 business days on each lend and Bitpetite offered 4.5% per day for either a six or nine week duration per lend. Both websites boasted practical business models and, nevertheless, eventually exit scam in late 2017 with millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin and altcoin. Sustainable business models exist and should be considered safer alternatives for lending.